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If you have any questions about Continuum Conference please contact us by filling in the below contact form or at the below details.
19 Windsor Street
Invercargill 9812
New Zealand
Ph. (03) 217 7047
Mobile (027) 6365694

Some Frequently Asked Questions.


What is Continuum?

Continuum is a Conference that features world-class communicators, entertainers and guest musicians that will challenge and inspire.


Is this Event ONLY for youth?

No! The recommended starting age is a mature 11 year old and up. The guest speakers messages are on the same relevant life changing topics whether they are speaking at a Sunday morning service or at Continuum Conference. In other words, Continuum is open to all and holds value for all age groups. Given Tasha and David Francis pastor youth and young adults. there will be lots of people aged 11-35+ attending, but regardless of what age you are God will speak powerfully to you through our amazing guest speakers and musicians.



Do you or someone you know need sponsorship to attend? Please email us at prior to June 1, to apply for sponsorship. Alternatively, if you're in a position to sponsor someone else this can be done through our bank account with the reference 'sponsorship'. Our account is: Continuum Conference, Westpac 03-1750-0272499-00



Call us prior to June 1, if you need accommodation options. We have free billeting, holiday park & hotel options. 0276365694 or 03 2177047.


Is there childcare available?

No, sorry.


Can a youth attend even if their youth group isn't attending?

Yes absolutely! Please call us prior to June 1. 0276365694 or 03 2177047.



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